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drunk-bastard-wineThe Duel in the Desert Back to PRIMM!!

swing-doctorThe Duel tradition began in 1992 at the Ventana Canyan Resort in Tucson, Arizona. Two guys from Houston, Mitch Nevins and Sloan Brooks, wanted a week of golf in a place where the sun shines almost every day of the year – like the desert.

The next year, the Duel became the Duel as 8 guys went Ventana Canyon again. The next several years there were groups of 12-16 on the Duel at several different Desert locations. Golf during the day, relaxing by the pool and some gambling! It’s a dream vacation!

From 2000 until 2004 the Tournament was held in Mesquite, NV at the Oasis, in 2005 the tournament moved to Primm Valley, a resort casino outside of Las Vegas. In 2008, the Duel returned to Mesquite for that year only, an old familiar place.

We went back at Primm Valley from 2009-2011, but those that know ME know that wherever the Duel is, it all depends on one thing – will we be allowed to drink beer IN the pool?

The 2017 Duel will be June 4-9 at the Orleans Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas.